5 Comic Lines by Josh2Funny and Sound Sultan on Instagram Live

Nigerian comedian, Josh Alfred aka Josh2Funny and Sound Sultan, went on Instagram live for their fans. The duo made sure they dropped comic lines on the platform as their followers kept on laughing.

Instagram live has been a revelation for entertainers since the lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic. Artists have used this platform to reach to their fans in times like this.

Joining the list of entertainers to used this platform is Josh2Funny and Sound Sultan. A combination of a comedian who is known for dropping comic lines and a musical lyricist is all you need to ease off pressure.

5 Comic Lines used by Josh2Funny and Sound Sultan on Instagram Live

5 Comic Lines By Josh2Funny And Sound Sultan On Instagram Live 1
Comedian, Josh2funny
Sound Sultan
Lanre Fasasi aka Sound sultan

Here are 5 of the best lines used by Josh2Funny and Sound Sultan has they chat on Instagram live. These comic lines in Pidgin English will definitely make your day.

  1. How dem go use Dammy Crane shoot Wizkid video?” _ Josh2Funny. The comedian was referring to the crane used in videos by involving singer, Dammy Krane.
  2. Why manager no dey bored (board) of directors?”_ Sound Sultan. The music legend comically asked this question only to answer it by saying the manager won’t be bored of directors because they are paid by them. Lol!
  3. If someone is scared of animal that has three horns, does it make them three-horn-dread?”_Josh2Funny.
  4. Why eat 3 square meal with a round plate?”_ Sound Sultan
  5. ”Do you know why chairs dey my show?” _ Sound Sultan. The lyricist answered the question by pointing to a standing fan and said ‘because I don’t like standing fans’.

These are 5 of the comic lines used by Josh2funny and Sound Sultan on Instagram live. Do share with us anyone that got you laughing in the comment section. Thanks for reading this entertaining piece,

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