5 Benefits Of CCTV

The recent rape scandal involving a famous Nollywood actor, Olanrewaju Omiyinka, popularly known as Baba Ijesha, has restated the importance of having a Closed-Circuit Television, CCTV, also known as video surveillance, in homes and offices.

Many believe that the person who reported the rape to the Lagos Police Command wouldn’t have had any evidence to back her claim if she did not install the CCTV that captured the incident. 

Meanwhile, beyond the incidence involving Baba Ijesha and the reactions trailing the allegations levelled against the comical actor, the security situation in the country has again made it a point of necessity to be security cautious.

In some situations, there have been reports of how CCTV had helped in trailing a crime incidence. One would agree that the camera could help tackle crimes and even discourage criminals whenever they try to carry out their evil deeds. had gathered five benefits of installing CCTV at home, office, supermarket, church, mosques, and other places that needed to be secured and well surveilled for security purposes.

5 Benefits Of Cctv

Benefits Of CCTV

1.Peace of Mind: Undoubtedly, having a functional CCTV can make people feel safe and feel secure because knowing that you have a CCTV system installed by professional CCTV installers could bring about peace of mind.

2.CCTV discourages Crime: 

Still highlighting the benefits of CCTV, it goes a long way to prevent crimes and criminalities. CCTV could dissuade criminal elements from breaking into your home and stealing from you.


If someone whose home got intruded needs proof to back their claims, footage from CCTV could go a long way to serve as evidence before a court of law, which could make it easier for such a person to get justice. Also, the intruder or criminal get punished.

4.Easy Monitoring

CCTV allows remote monitoring on a computer, tablet or mobile phone via a secure connection over the internet. You can log in remotely from anywhere in the world and check your CCTV cameras for activity. 

Remote monitoring is beneficial if you also have an intruder alarm installed. When your alarm is triggered, you will receive a notification or call to your mobile phone.

5.Reduction In Insurance Premium gathered that Insurance companies would often reduce your premium if you have CCTV installed. It is easier to call your insurer to find out if you can discount your premium and save money.

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