5 Abuja-based Musicians You Should Listen To

Nigeria is a country bubbling with a lot of musical talents and otherwise. And since Lagos is the country’s entertainment and commercial hub, most successful acts are based there, even though they might have started from other parts of the country. 

Contrary to popular knowledge, some of Nigeria’s big names in the music industry started off in Abuja before moving to the commercial city. There have also been a number of successful acts in the past who were fully based in Abuja. Styl-Plus is one of such artists.

In recent years, Abuja’s cultural scene has been steadily rising and alongside other aspects of cultural activities, there is a growing vibrant crop of Abuja-based musicians who are currently doing really well. Here’s a list of 5 you should definitely check out.

Age Beeka

5 Abuja-Based Musicians You Should Listen To

Age Beeka has been around for more than almost two decades. He became a regional sensation when he released his debut album, Age, with some of the tracks like ‘Angelica’, ‘Trusting in the Destiny’, and ‘Girl of My Dreams’ becoming national raves. His mellifluous voice and dexterity with the guitar are some of the things that endeared him to fans. After taking a really long break, word on the street says that Beeka is back in the music game and is still very much in Abuja.


5 Abuja-Based Musicians You Should Listen To

Chukwuemeka Echefu Fortune, mostly known as CEF, is a lawyer by profession. But he abandoned it for music. He is also the founder of a dance Afrobics, a platform dedicated to teaching aerobics and African indigenous dances. His most popular song is ‘Angeli’. He lives in Abuja.

Jon Ogah

5 Abuja-Based Musicians You Should Listen To

First made popular around the country when he won the maiden edition of Glo’s ‘Naija Sing’, then came his brief appearance on Big Brother Naija 2016 as a fake housemate. His song ‘Uncle Suru’ featuring Adekunle Gold & Simi became very popular around the country. He is based in Abuja and performs in a lot of events around the country. He has also starred in a number of films.

Jessica Bongos

5 Abuja-Based Musicians You Should Listen To

Jessica Bongos is an independent singer and songwriter. She is the daughter of Bongos Ikwue, the music legend. Growing up in a home with a father obsessed with music, she finally started her music career by recording backup vocals with her father. But eventually, she started making her own music. Her first single, ‘You Left Me’, was released in 2013 and her music has grown since then. Her first album, Broken to Peace was released in 2017.

The Isomers

5 Abuja-Based Musicians You Should Listen To

Popularly known as Abuja’s Boy band, The Isomers is an Abuja-based alternative band. They are the only rock/alternative in the country that isn’t gospel adjacent or a Christian rock band. Their first project, The Isomers EP was released in 2015. Their first studio album, Reat+Ion was released in 2017. 

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