3 R. Kelly’s Friends Charged With Harassing Witnesses Linked To Singer’s Case

Three of R.Kelly’s friends have been arrested and charged following attempts to harass, intimidate and threaten women who have also claimed to be abused by the Hip Hop legend.

R. Kelly is currently incarcerated at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, Chicago awaiting trial on charges of sexually assaulting several women.

The pop star was indicted by Federal prosecutors for 18 charges, including child sexual exploitation, child pornography production, kidnapping, forced labor, racketeering, and obstruction of justice.

3 R. Kelly'S Friends Charged With Harassing Witnesses Linked To Singer'S Case 1

The singers friends has been alleged to intimidate some of the women in the case as he awaits trial. The three friends which name are Arline Jr., Donnell Russell and Micheal Williams have been found to have harassed involved in the singer’s case.

Airline Jr., has been charged with trying to corruptly persuade the testimony of one the singer’s alleged victims.

Donnell Russell was charged with causing emotional distress after he attempted to harass a woman involved in the case, as well as her mother.

Michael Williams was also reported to set fire to a vehicle outside the home of one the singer’s victims.

According to the United States, Attorney, the three friends of R. Kelly are separately charged with engaging in multiple crimes that were intended to undermine and subvert the integrity of the criminal justice system and victimize the women who have come forward with serious allegations of criminal conduct against the defendant, R.Kelly.

The men who were charged to court has also been said to have shown that there is no line they will not cross to help R. Kelly avoid the consequences of his alleged crimes.

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