2face, Blackface Fight Dirty Over #EndSARS Politics

2face and Blackface fight

2face and Blackface who are Nigerian artistes and members of the defunct music group, plantashun boys, are at each others throats again but this time it is not about music copyrights but about the ongoing #EndSARS campaign.

This fight started off when Blackface quoted Tuface’s tweet and accused him of playing politics with the police reform protests. Earlier Tuface had tweeted that the whole nation needs to be shut down to ascertain the seriousness of the cause the Nigerian youth were protesting for. He suggested that nobody goes to work for the period of the protests so that the politicians would respond to the demands of the people.

2Face, Blackface Fight Dirty Over #Endsars Politics

Responding to this tweet, his longtime beef mate said,

“When e bad pass like this under PDP you no say make them close the country down, you been dey sing say you dey feel like Obasanjo…because you dey under their payroll abi wetin? My Guy this your point no valid, I no believe say you reason am before you talk am.”

2Face, Blackface Fight Dirty Over #Endsars Politics

Taking this as a jab at his image and integrity Tuface floored him with the response,

” @blackfacenaija Austin Ahmedu, you are a total idiot. F*ck you ajd all you are. Stupidity kee you there”

2Face, Blackface Fight Dirty Over #Endsars Politics

Just minutes ago, Blackface retorted telling Tuface that the fight was for nigerians andbthe both of them were supposed to work together foe the greater good.
These two have had a long standing beef between them starting from Blackface resurfacing years ago to claim ownership of the hit song ‘African Queen’ which belonged to Tuface. From that period, the two have always had it out for each other and this id just another episode of their squabbles.

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