2face & Annie Idibia’s Daughter Shows Off Leg After Surgery

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  • Olivia Idibia shows off leg after successful leg surgery

2face and Annie Idibia’s daughter, Olivia, who undergoes a successful leg surgery has shown off the leg in new pictures.

Olivia Idibia who is the last daughter of singer 2face and actress wife, Annie-Macaulay Idibia undergone the surgery to correct her leg.

Annie had earlier taken to her Instagram page to talk about the success of the surgery and gave kudos to the daughter for being brave.

The Nollywood actress stated that she barely slept for a day as doctors worked on her daughter’s legs and praised her for being a strong baby soon after the surgery was over.

Annie With Her Two Daughters For 2Face
Annie with her two daughters for 2face

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She also shared on social media as Olivia was seeing with big smiles dancing while having the wound from the surgery stitched up.

Olivia Idibia With Other Celebrities
Olivia Idibia with other celebrities

The legendary singer’s daughter was also seen in another picture with her stitched leg alongside celebrities such as AY Comedian, IK Ogbonna, Alex Ekubo and others at their residence during Annie’s birthday.

2face and Annie has two kids together; Isabella and Olivia. The ‘African Queen’ crooner fathers 5 other children from 2 previous relationships.

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