25th of December Is Not a Holiday In Isreal – Daddy Freeze Laments

Daddy freeze laments on Nigerian christians celebrating Christmas

Controversial preacher and media personality, Daddy Freeze laments about Nigerians celebrating Christmas despite being a christian and the leader of the ‘FreeNation’.

Freeze gave his reasons for not celebrating the age-old christian holiday, Christmas and according to him, it is because the holiday was not even celebrated in Israel where the celebrant – Jesus Christ was born.

He made an Instagram post with a lengthy caption explaining his sentiments towards the revered Christmas holiday. He said that he refuses to conform with how the white men chose to identify us as black people, claiming that unless they decide to adopt our local festivals as a world wide holiday, he will not celebrate Christmas.

In the same vein, he came for the people who were pushing for black lives to matter and were celebrating the Christmas holiday. In his opinion, it was a contradiction.

On the day chosen for the celebration of Christ’s birth, he said,

“25th of December is NOT even a holiday in Israel the Land of Christ’s birth, people are at work today in Jerusalem, so I really don’t get why we black people should celebrate oyinbo people’s pagan festivals? ~FRZ”

See his full post below,

25Th Of December Is Not A Holiday In Isreal - Daddy Freeze Laments 1
Daddy freeze laments on Nigerian christians celebrating Christmas

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