2023: Tinubu’s Supporters Attack Yahaya Bello

In reaction to the comment credited to Kogi State governor Yahaya Bello about the forthcoming 2023 Presidency, Tinubu Support Group has attacked the governor for asking the former Lagos state governor to leave the Presidential race for younger politicians.

The Director-General of the group, Umar Ibrahim, noted that Bello’s failure in governance had betrayed the Not-too-young-to-Run Campaign. According to the Tinubu’s supporters, Governor Bello has been a failure at power and disgrace.

Umar further stated that all Nigerians could attest to Governor Bello’s failure. He added that it would be dangerous to commit a great nation such as Nigeria to Bello, who messed things up in his state.

The group said Governor Yahaya Bello remains the governor with the highest number of months of unpaid salaries and non-performance despite the enormous sums of internal and federally-generated revenues.⁣

Yahaya Bello

Yahaya Bello
President Muhammadu Buhari and Bola Tinubu.

However, the Tinubu Support Group advised Governor Yahaya Bello to channel all his efforts to beg and pray for forgiveness for all the sufferings he has inflicted on the people of Kogi state, rather than eyeing the presidency.

The group insisted that Tinubu is the most qualified and competent candidate to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.⁣

You will recall that Governor Bello, who declared his intention to contest the 2023 presidency, advised Tinubu to allow younger politicians to take over the mantle of leadership.

Meanwhile, a former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Muhammadu Sanusi, has cleared the air over his alleged interest in the forthcoming elections amidst the reports linking him to the 2023 Presidency.

Sanusi, a former Emir of Kano, dismissed the rumour that he is nursing a presidential ambition. The dethroned Emir said he does not have interest in vying for the Presidency. gathered that the former CBN governor further revealed his plan to pursue his PhD in Law programme in the University of London, United Kingdom, and he was not interested in the 2023 Presidency.

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