2023 Elections: ‘No Igbo Presidency’ Media Personality Harry Obi Laments

Regarding the upcoming 2023 Elections, Media Personality Harry Obi took to his social media page to lament how the Igbo presidency is ignored.

Harry, in his post, noted that Nigerians had normalized the Yoruba-Hausa-Yoruba presidency while putting aside the Igbos, who are the third major ethnic group.

Harry’s tweet read, “This country is not even talking about an Igbo Presidency. Lol. They’ve normalized Yoruba-Hausa-Yoruba Presidency, shutting out the 3rd major ethnic group from any discussion on the highest office in the land.

If you talk, they will say we are not organized/we don’t want to be part of this union. Forgetting the former is a causative factor.

The people who run the affairs of the major parties in the country aren’t even toying with the idea of an Igbo candidate.

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