Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (204): 168 Lawmakers Contract COVID-19

Lawmakers Contract COVID-19

Mazi: No be today i don dey talk am say domestic violence no be better something, see now, this boy don enter trouble ontop say him beat woman

Egbon: Naso e suppose be, make dem dey teach dem lesson one by one, but wait o, na who be this boy wey enter gbege like this ?

Mazi: Na this boy wey dey sing, wey be before before artist under Davido Redord label, dem call am Lil Frosh

Egbon: The boy wey sama him girlfriend beating last year?

Mazi: Yes now, but now, court don sama am prison, the Judge talk say make him go dey chop beans for prison till March

Egbon: E make sense like that, others go fit learn lesson, but, i still want make government take action ontop rape matter for this country

Mazi: That one too dey important o, but i beleive say na one by one dem go dey settle the matter

Egbon: See this old man now, him age naa 72 o, him go do plo plo for 13 year old girl, if to say government dey take action, this one no go happen

Mazi: Chai, but some old men no get shame o, imagine the gap wey dey between them

Egbon: To make the matter worst, dem say the man na Pastor for Oyo state o

Mazi: Kai, this one no follow o, some people go just take God work cover dey do bad bad something

Lawmakers Contract COVID-19

Egbon: Na why government suppose take action be that, make all this yamayama fit go

Mazi: You talk am well, come come o, see this tory wey talk say 168 Lawmakers Contract COVID-19

Egbon: Ahh, Lawmakers Contract COVID-19, that one plenty o, where the thing take happen?

Mazi: Dem talk say na Ghana, but wait o, no be all of dem be lawmakers o, dem say na 17 be Lawmakers, say others na the staff wey dey work for the lawmakers dem

Egbon: Whether na the lawmakers o abi na the workers o, the number plenty o, and this one na sign say COVID-19 no be Moi-Moi o

Mazi: Yes o, na why i dey try make sure say i wear my face mask be that

Egbon: Naso everybody suppose dey take responsibility make we fit fight the virus, but instead some people go dey talk say the thing no real

Mazi: Naa this na lie lie dey kill some people for this country, my own na say i go do the one wey i suppose do

Femi Fani Kayode Joins APC

Egbon: You talk am well, i even hear say this former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode don join APC

Femi Fani Kayode Reportedly Joins Apc
Femi Fani Kayode reportedly joins APC

Mazi: Ehn ehn, no be that man wey dey always bad mouth Buhari plus APC government say dem no do anything since

Egbon: Na him o, na Kogi governor, Yahaya Bello reveal the matter, Fani Kayode con dey talk say him never comot PDP 

Mazi: Hmmm, all this politicians self, dem go just dey do light breeze, dey blow left and right, dem no dey stable

Egbon: And no be sake of the common man o, na sake of the thing wey dem wan see chop

Mazi: As this rumour dey like this, las las, if him join, nothing go happen, everybody go just talk the matter commot mouth

Boyfriend Collect TV/Decoder Back From Girlfriend

Egbon: Naa Naija we dey, naso the thing dey always be, i even see one Video ontop social media o

Mazi: Abeg gist me the thing wey dey inside the video, make me self no carry las

Egbon: Laugh, na bad day devil drink water for one lady like that o, for inside the video, her boyfriend go collect the TV plus decoder wey him buy give her back

Mazi: Ahh, that one na serious something o, why him go collect the thing back, dem dey fight?

Egbon: Hmmm, i hear for inside the video say dem two break up, naso him con go carry the thing wey him buy give the girl

Mazi: (Clap), na wa oh, the man suppose carry eye commot for the thing now

Egbon: Me self think so o, na how much be TV and decoder wey him no fit just commot eye, whether the guy na Ibo guy

Mazi: Wetin that one mean, abeg abeg, no talk the thing wey go vex me, make i con dey go self

Egbon: No vex, no be fight now

Mazi: Abeg abeg, i no get your time

Nana Akufo Ado
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