142: Nengi’s 23 Challenge; Erica Confronts Twitter Crush; Isreal and Palestine Conflict

Over the festive holiday, Nengi’s 23 challenge kept fans and trolls busy as they gave their hot takes on what was the truth or lie in her list. Stargirl Erica also confronted a Twitter crush who had been pining for her attention and the result was not expected.

Nigerians and other global citizens have deep concerns as death toll in the Isreal/Palestine conflict rise with no hope of reconciliation in sight. Catch more of the updates on today’s episode of unplug.

The headlines in detail;

Erica puts a nagging crush in his place after he has been consistently trying to get her attention for a while. The Twitter user, Laolu, mentioned that he just wanted to be friends with Erica, and his love for her started after she defended him from cyberbullies a while back.

Nengi’s 23 Challenge

Nengi’s 23 challenge has caused a stir and brought up the evergreen conversation of if she is really 23 as she claims. The brand influencer made a list of her achievements at age 23, and while some people lauded her wins, others were a bit sceptical about her age.

It seems like Davido’s daughter is taking after her father’s celebrity status as the six-year-old was just announced as the brand ambassador for Eva Baby soap produced by Evans Industries.

Singer and gospel minister Chidinma Ekile takes her street evangelism to a beer parlour where she was seen preaching to a group of men in the Yoruba language.

Two entertainers, AY and Victoria Inyama, have a go at each other on Instagram after the actress was spotted in the comment section of a blog pushing the narrative that AY is cheating on his wife, as the blog alleged. He quoted her post from days ago asking people to be careful what they aid online and tagged her a hypocrite. Victoria, on her end, asked AY and his fans not to focus on the messenger but the message of his alleged cheating.

President Buhari’s son-in-law, Gimba Yau Kumo, has been declared wanted alongside two others by the ICPC for the misappropriation of National Housing Funds and embezzlement of $65,000,000.

The Federal Government of Nigeria expresses deep concerns over the civil unrest in Israel and Palestine causing Nigerians to question their competence seeing that the country is suffering one of the highest waves of insecurity currently.

The century-long conflict between Israel and Palestine over territory deepens and Palestine records almost 100 deaths and 480 injuries in the past week.

Premier League update: Liverpool thrashes Manchester United in their home after 4-2 win.

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