104 Days Later, Eiffel Tower Reopens in Paris

The Eiffel Tower reopens in Paris today after being shut down as a result of the lockdown order following the global coronavirus pandemic. The tower was closed for 104 days. Although the report stated that tourists will not be allowed at the top of the tower till later in summer.

104 Days Later, Eiffel Tower Reopens in Paris: COVID-19 Protocols

For the safety of the visitors, the elevator will not be in use because of social distance concerns. Preparations should be made by anyone planning to visit to climb the steep stairs until July 1. However, only journalists and very important visitors are allowed to visit the Eiffel Tower at the moment.

According to history, this is the longest the monumental tower was closed since after World War II. However, to effect this reopening, the use of facemask is now mandatory for all visitors above the age of 11. Moreso, a limited number of people are allowed at any given time. Also, ascending visitors will go from the East pillar and descend from the West pillar.

From the details stated in the Eiffel Tower website, the first batch of visitors will be allowed in from 10:00 am. This is very symbolic for the country as it gradually reopens since the lockdown.

104 Days Later, Eiffel Tower Reopens in Paris

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