10 of the Best: 2face Songs You Should Listen to Again

After six albums, dozens of collaborations, numerous awards/accolades, and over two decades of making music in the industry, it is safe to say that 2Baba is a veteran in the Nigerian music scene. This is evident in the respect his fans and fellow artists accord him. He has made and is still making music that made us dance, music that that melted our hearts, and the ones that opened our eyes to happenings around us. Since his appearance on the scene – first as a member of the now defunct Plantashun Boiz and subsequently as a solo artist – he has retained that special place in the hearts of Nigerian music lovers that only him can occupy.

As hard as this is, I have tried to compile a list of 10 songs by 2face that I think you should listen to again. Old songs were given more priority while making this list. Collaborations and campaign songs were not considered.

African Queen

This is 2Baba’s breakout song as a solo artist. It has always been the source of his rift with his former label mate, Blackface. This love song exalts the subject of reference as well as her Africaness. It was a hugely successful song loved by people in Nigeria and beyond. It remains the most popular song by him till date.

True Love

Another love song from the soulful singer. Here, we hear 2face recounting the things he seeks from a lover and what he considers to be true love. The hook is bound to hook you in and in no time, you’ll find yourself humming the tune.


On this song, 2face takes on a philosophical approach towards issues bothering him. He poses questions that make you ponder. And the reggae beat gives you a Bob Marley vibe. And you know that is hard to shake off.

For Instance

This is a song of numerous hypothetical situations. For instance, he sang and we gave him the chance. Lol. The numerous rhymes and truths he presents are hard to remember.

Ihe Ne Me

As far as good party songs can go, this is one of them. It became very popular among Nigerians and the title (translates to “Something is Happening” from Igbo) does not promise in vain, something really does happen.

Enter the Place

“Enter the Place” is another great party song from 2Face. He features Sound Sultan on this one and it is worth listening to.

If Love is a Crime

There are a number of reasons why this song is beautiful. One, it tells really relatable stories. Two, it is the kind of love song that says the exact thing many ladies love to hear. Three, the refrain is easy to catch. Four, you should listen to the song.

Ifana Ibaga

This song is personal. It chronicles some of 2face’s coming to stardom challenges and his disposition towards it. He resigns with a saying: “Who God has blessed, no man can curse.”.

Only Me

There are a lot of rumours as to why this song was written. But what we really know is that this song passes a powerful message. It paints a picture of the boredom and uneventful earth where only one person exists. In summation, we all need one another.


“Implication” is as funny as it is insightful. It is also a party song. It is a fun way to remind us about the consequences of actions we take and the need to take responsibility for them.