10 Hilarious Myths Nigerian Parents Tell Their Children

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  • Myths Nigerian parents tell their children

Nigerian parents are one of a kind as they adopt different means to train their children while growing up.

You must have seen Nigerian parents using gestures or eye contacts as a form of language to their children, telling of myths stand tall in this part of the world when it comes training children/wards.

Although some of the myths are quite ridiculous, it has helped to keep children from doing certain wrongs.

It is quite funny to discover that these myths are shams in the later stage of life.

When Nigerian Parents Tell You Not To Whistle At Night Because Of Evil Spirit
When Nigerian Parents tell you not to whistle at night because of evil spirit

Here are 10 of the Myths Nigerian Parents Tell Their Children

  1. Rat would eat your hands if you don’t wash up: Many children are scared of the creature, rat, which is ever present in Nigerian homes. Parents therefore use this animal to scare their children so that they will learn proper hygiene. You dare not leave your hands unwash because of the fact that rats will turn your hands to pizza/bread.
  2. You don’t pluck leaves at night: Leaves will definitely get some rest from children at night because parents warns that plucking leaves means disturbing some evil spirits. Kids want to see exciting features in their dreams not ‘Ojuju Calabar’.
  3. If you eat too much, it will grow on your head: This is used by Nigerian parents to regulate their spending on foods. This is commonly used when you have a favorite food that you eat always. No one wants his/her hair to grow rice, so children live with this myth as they grow.
  4. You don’t beat a boy/male with broom: This was really scary as you don’t want to be impotent even if it is for the fact that you want to urinate. Children took it to heart because you don’t want such for your neighbor/friend/sibling.
  5. Don’t serve food on fire to a boy/male: This is just like the previous one. If you don’t want to render your sibling or father who brought you to life impotent then you don’t serve food while the heat is turned on. Women/girls rates the sexual organ so high so they don’t do otherwise.
  6. Throw your teeth on the rooftop: Every Nigerian children must have been told to throw their milk teeth on the roof or bury it so that the adult teeth would grow back. If you are the very stubborn type then you have to look for your missing teeth if involved in a blow that got one removed or else you have an artificial tooth gap.
  7. Don’t whistle at night: Nigerian parents will tell you never to whistle at night because you could be calling evil spirit. Children are scared of this myth so they stop the act. Even if you are the next ‘Pheelz Mr Producer’ you have to put whistling on hold till daybreak.
  8. You don’t talk while removing feathers from a fowl: You have to be quiet while detaching the feathers of birds when you want to cook them or else the feathers you’ve removed would grow back instantly. Nigerian parents are just a pen in the hand of the creator with their ridiculous myths like this.
  9. You don’t leave clothes out overnight: It’s a taboo in Nigerian homes to leave clothes out overnight. Nigerian parents tells how evil spirits could evade the clothes and live in it. If there’s anything children really fear is evil spirit; the unknown that they don’t want to see.
  10. Put a thread on a baby’s hair: Nigerian parents will always say that when you put a thread on a baby’s hair, it will stop hiccuping. This seems ridiculous but it is seen as a way out to help a baby sibling. No wonder Nigerian parents really like shawl for their babies.

You could share more myths Nigerian parents tell in the comment section.

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