1 Opportunity Is All It Takes To Succeed

“Opportunity comes but once” They say but that is not true. Some years ago, when I was struggling to get admission, I got into a conversation with someone. The person asked me what I studied and I said I was still looking for admission. The person said something that got me thinking. He said that “you are better than many graduates that I know” and I was wondering how possible it was for me to be better than graduates, even without the opportunity to go to the university or any other tertiary institution but looking at some so-called graduates, I had to agree that I was better than them, at least in some areas.

Later on, after trying and waiting for a very long time, I finally got admission and graduated. I knew that if for whatever reason, I couldn’t get the opportunity to further my education. My knowledge wouldn’t be acknowledged and my intelligence wouldn’t be valued just because I don’t have the certificate, that’s why certificates are overrated. Those graduates that I was better than would always believe that they are better than me, the society wouldn’t have regarded me without presenting the certificate.

“There are many opportunities but it takes only one opportunity to lead you to success”

I came to the conclusion that, sometimes those who we think we are better than don’t get the same opportunity we get. But given the same opportunity, they will do better than us.

Those you call illiterates didn’t get the quality education you got, those you call uneducated couldn’t get the opportunity you got. Some of those who you call poor is because their labour didn’t pay as much as yours did.

If you are in a position, don’t think that people can’t get where you are or cannot do better, some will and it’s just a matter of time, they may overtake you and be better than you.

If you got admission or graduated, don’t think that you are more intelligent than those who failed to do so.

If your hustle pays, don’t think that other people are lazy, some have worked harder than you, it’s just that yours yielded fruit.

If you see yourself ahead of other people, see it as God’s favour and a privilege, not to rub it on people’s faces or think that it’s because you are better than them. Just look around you, you will see those who are better than you but you are more successful.

I know how to work hard and things don’t work, how to apply all the strategies but still, things remain the same.

You are not actually better, it’s just that you got an opportunity that some people couldn’t get. So, don’t look down on people just because you think you are better than them, while it’s just an opportunity you got.

By Bulus Shehu

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