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While others spend time in church praying in the Holy Ghost for a prosperous New Year ahead, Angel did away with Nigerian religious traditions and opted for something shocking. She even shocked atheists and non-Christians who spent New Year’s Eve in the club.

Angel is one of those housemates that fans have taken as a baddie. She has a BBNaija dating track record that has created a black widow kind of persona. She is known for getting guys to fall in love with her only to leave them heartbroken. So, when she started a relationship with Soma, many were doubtful. They anticipated s heartbreak.

Angel and Soma have endured a lot of attacks from naysayers. Many have accused them of trying to manipulate shippers into getting fan gifts. They predict that their relationship will end just as terribly as Liquorose and Emmanuel from BBNaija Shine Ye Eye. However, the couple is clapping back.