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The Nigerian border maybe closed now with rice being sold at a very high prices yet, it is still the best option for Christmas celebration. The Nigerian local rice will still be considered by the people this time around. Even when there was an outbreak of bird flu some years ago, chicken seems to stand the test in the market. It will still be a favorite meat for people in this coming Christmas celebration. The combination of this duo prepared very well will definitely make your Christmas one to remember. There’s no better special food for your Christmas than a plate of fried/jollof rice with chicken.

“There is enough production in the country and the National Food Security Council is focused on how to ensure that availability is restored all across the country so that prices will come down reflective of the cost of production,’’ he said.

Concoction rice is the meal prepared from different ingredients with the main ingredient known as oryza sativa i.e. rice. This kind of rice is also called iwuk edesi or native jollof rice by Nigerians. It is very popular in schools because of its ease and low budget, so it’s the choice of students especially the male folks who have to cook. This kind of rice is a bit different from jollof rice in its ingredients but have the same look and taste.