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When it comes to games, the housemates bring out their creativity as they always come up with new games almost every day.

Breakdown of Tuesday was the diary session, housemate sent on a top-secret mission and the day was all fun with the Munch It task until the disappearance of one housemate.

The head of house came with a twist as Housemates battled for the ultimate veto power in place of the head of the house task.

After an early morning argument between two housemates, the housemates had the Arla task but despite the good vibes that come from cooking, housemates had a bit of an issue during their task.

Tuesday was another day in the diary room as Housemates expressed how they felt, then biggie gave a secret task to two housemates.

Another Monday came with a tense nomination, and some housemates were put up for possible eviction as their fate lies in the hands of fans.

Another Sunday comes with another intense Iive eviction Show which has seen the end of the journey in the house for some of the housemates

Housemates have been entertaining themselves with games in the house.
A blindfold game was also introduced called “find your lover”

eir thoughts with big brother on evictions, welfare, their new friends and strategies should biggie decide to change the voting process.

ion show tagged “king-size eviction” and as usual, the journey of some housemates came to an end in the big brother house.