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And now that the killer was exposed; she was now free… free to believe that she did not deserve what Bishop did to her. She was finally free to tell Ben the truth and moving on didn’t look so impossible anymore. “It takes time but patience and love is all you need to become the person you were created to be” words from the sermon Bishop Chukwu gave on the day she went to his church.

At first, he believed the root of his anxiety was the fact that Rita did not return his love but his last unannounced visit to her house gave him hope “Abel, it’s been more than twenty years…” she sighed “you won’t leave me alone, would you?” he shook his head “Rita, all I have ever wanted was to be the man to treat you better than that monster has treated you.

As they walked through the long corridor, Rebecca felt a calmness she had not known for a very long time “the case is coming to an end” she heard a voice in her head say “but I am not ready to let go” she blurted “what did you say?” Inspector Dele asked “hmmm? I didn’t say anything” she lied quickly smiling at him.

Before she realised it, he had torn her clothes off her body putting a hand over her mouth and the weight of his knee on her thigh essentially paralyzing her. It was Bishop Chukwu all over again. Rebecca in figuring out Onu’s plan started to fight with the remaining power that she had; she scratched and bit and scratched him again just to get him off her but unfortunately for her she was not fighting Inspector Onu, she was fighting Onu on drugs.

Ben moved in to her apartment so that they could spend more time together. Because of the case she was working on making time together was very hard and he thought moving in together was going to solve it; instead it made things worse and he was tired, tired of being a mistress while she was married to her case.

Rita sad down beside her shattered friend and looked at her carefully “no. No you can never forgive him” on hearing those words Madam Lucy began another round of tears. She knew Rita was right; there was no way in hell she was ever going to forgive John Bull for pulling this on her but for now all she could do was cry.

“Sir, I would like to start building a case against him” Rebecca was in Inspector Dele’s office; they discussed her new findings about Abel. “Before I give you the go ahead, I will like to ask you a question” he replied waving at Rebecca to sit down which she did with a puzzled look on her face. “Before we go on another goose chase following another suspect, who may turn out to be innocent; I need you to assure me that you are at least eighty percent sure that this man is guilty”

He needed something desperately, something he could use to get her to close the case forever and killing her was not an option… except he made it look like an accident; a car crash perhaps. Abel had gone into his murdering thoughts once again forgetting the promise he made to himself not to murder any more people.

“Why did you do it?” Onu asked “I just told you, she knew everything and she was going to…” “not Ene” Onu interrupted “Bishop Chukwu. What was your reason for taking his life?” Abel was taken aback by Onu’s question because he thought that they were on the same page from the beginning of this ordeal.

Rebecca was indeed happy about the new development, not Ene’s death but the news that Bishop Chukwu’s murder case was going to be left open; it wasn’t a case she could let go off unsolved. To her it was a break or make case and whether it was going to make or break her; she didn’t know just yet.

He walked closer to the lake water and shot himself in the thigh then threw the gun and the knife in the water. He laid down on the floor screaming for help; screaming like a man attacked, like a man who had just lost his wife, his love. Screaming like a man who had just lost everything.

Rebecca couldn’t believe the unfortunate coincidence; her drive back home felt like the shortest drive of her life because of how absent minded she was on the journey, thinking about what to do next.

“Mr. Isaac, you are under arrest for the murder of Bishop Nnaemeka Edison Chukwudozie…” Dele recited his rights to him while Inspector Onu handcuffed him. The entire church was filled with confusion, no one saw it coming; Isaac the sweetheart of Christian Peoples’ Ministry was capable of murder?