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“Sir, I would like to start building a case against him” Rebecca was in Inspector Dele’s office; they discussed her new findings about Abel. “Before I give you the go ahead, I will like to ask you a question” he replied waving at Rebecca to sit down which she did with a puzzled look on her face. “Before we go on another goose chase following another suspect, who may turn out to be innocent; I need you to assure me that you are at least eighty percent sure that this man is guilty”

“Why did you do it?” Onu asked “I just told you, she knew everything and she was going to…” “not Ene” Onu interrupted “Bishop Chukwu. What was your reason for taking his life?” Abel was taken aback by Onu’s question because he thought that they were on the same page from the beginning of this ordeal.

Abel sat his living room watching his wife Ene carefully, she was setting the dinner table and getting the house ready for guests. They were expecting guests that evening, the remaining elders of the church were meeting with Abel to discuss and come up with ways to appease Rita.

Rebecca couldn’t believe the unfortunate coincidence; her drive back home felt like the shortest drive of her life because of how absent minded she was on the journey, thinking about what to do next.

John Bull was a very gentle and patient man; he answered all Rebecca’s questions to her satisfaction. Madam Lucy chipped in when she was supposed to, all in all Rebecca was content with all their answers until she caught a glimpse of a semi-healed knife wound on his palm.

a few steps away from Rebecca’s front door, Onu dialed his phone. “She has nothing, I have checked” he said into the phone “Okay, thank you. You are indeed a brother” the voice on the other side replied “I told you that I will protect you no matter what. You did us both a favour when you killed that useless Bishop. Nothing will happen to you” Onu promised. A promised he made to Bishop Chukwu’s murderer; a promise we was going to keep at all cost.

. On their way towards the exit, Nkechi walked in front of Rita and just before she left the edge of the roof Rita pushed her off the rooftop and she fell to her death. Rita invited her for a meeting alright but it wasn’t to offer care and support.

“Mr. Isaac, you are under arrest for the murder of Bishop Nnaemeka Edison Chukwudozie…” Dele recited his rights to him while Inspector Onu handcuffed him. The entire church was filled with confusion, no one saw it coming; Isaac the sweetheart of Christian Peoples’ Ministry was capable of murder?