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Days have passed and I couldn’t reach Funke still. I tried searching for her on Facebook. I’ve tried her name on the social media platform using different prefixes and suffixes such as Funke Williams, Olufunke Williams, to Williams Oluwafunke but couldn’t get a good result. Perhaps she must have used names such as ‘Cocoberry Shantel’; who knows because I don’t believe she’ll be missing on this app. I was very disturbed just to relate my side of the story of the occurrence at the restaurant.

Our conversations thereafter were about having a date together. We then fixed a date and venue. The night before the day we were to meet, I had dreamt about starting a beautiful home with Funke.

I took a minute to catch my breath and wrap my head around what had happened but just as I turned to walk back to the theater there he was. Tobe. He had seen everything that happened.

I begged him and told him that my boss forced me to go out with Abdul, so that he could talk to his father to bring more business for the bank. I even went on to tell him how he was the one I wanted to be with and no one else but he did not believe me. The next words out of his mouth were shocking