Young Nigerian Entrepreneurs Performing Excellently in Tech World

Young Nigerian Entrepreneurs have been rated by recognised authorities to be performing excellently well in the technology world.

The Chairman of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group, NESG, Asue Ighodalo, noted that Nigerian Youths established the most commendable digital startups contributing to the nation’s economic growth.

He revealed that about three of four prominent digital startups valued at over a billion dollars have the stamps and signatures of the youths of this nation.

NESG Chairman mentioned this point while delivering his opening remarks at the 27th Nigerian Economic Summit on Monday in Abuja yesterday.

Young Nigerian Entrepreneurs Can Attract Investments- NESG Chairman

He stressed that the tech entrepreneurs in the country have the capability to harness the global ideologies and leverage the digital transformation to succeed and attract local and foreign investments.

He stressed that at the 2019 NES #25, young people reminded the summit of the issues of policy and governance considered central to the nation’s priority.

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