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Happy New Month Lovelies!!!
Welcome to the second half of 2021. We did it people; God kept us. We are happy and are glad that it is so.

In today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about Young and Not Getting It. Wait, chill. Alexa plays me……
You heard right. We always talk about young and getting it, YAGI

Today, we’re discussing young and not getting it. The pressure on young people to grow up too fast is alarming. Teenagers now want to use iPhone 12 and 21-year olds want to ride the latest Benz models. Pretty awkward and unusual, but look at the times we’re in? You get my point.

There are legal ways to make cool cash, I know, but it appears more to me that it’s only a few young people that actually want to put in that much effort into learning skills that could yield that kind of money.

All over the internet, you see videos and links showing how to make quick money. Everybody wants it sharp sharp. We are losing the dignity in making money and making it look as if those making money through the right channels and models are not serious, or they’re not passionate enough.

Dear youth, please calm down.

It’s totally okay to be young and not getting it yet. You will do so. In time, you shall, as a matter of fact blow beyond our initial projections. I promise you will eventually if only you trust yourself enough and allow the process. You have to realize that you’re putting in effort and that your efforts are valid as long as you’re working on your potentials and letting yourself grow.

Before I go, you should know that conquering peer pressure as a teenager or a young adult, mostly as a teenager is one of the greatest life’s childhood skills that nobody tells you about. Because there are so many of our friends who we want to be like and who whether they’re doing it the right way or not, we just want to have what they are having. Having a mind of your own however, as we would always say, is what gives us the discipline to know what is good and what is not. And helps us know what to abstain from.

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Until next time, remember in a world where you can be anything, please be kind.

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