You may have missed this one cameo in Avengers: End game

You may have missed this cameo if you drifted off a little during the first scenes of The Avengers: End game. If you’re like my ex girlfriend who likes to skip all the boring dialogue and exposition in order get to the action sequences as quickly as possible you may have missed it. Despite the fact that there are tons of other recognizable cameos by other actors, this particular one may have been too subtle to recognize.

You May Have Missed This One Cameo In Avengers: End Game 1

There is no need to worry, this is mostly a spoiler-free piece.

As you already know, about a year ago, Marvel broke ours hearts by killing literally half the characters of your most cherished Avengers team. Till this day I haven’t gotten over the death of Spiderman. Fast forward about a year later, the highly anticipated End game hit theaters and instantly dominated box office while shattering countless records. In End Game’s opening scenes- you know, the ones where we get all the boring (to some of you) dialogue and exposition; it shows us some surviving avengers and “guardians” grieving and dealing with the death of friends and families they have lost.  Avengers: Endgame kicks off about 21 days after the events of Infinity War, but then there was five year time jump into the future. Steve Rogers is in a support group of people trying to deal with their grief. One of the film’s directors “Joe Russo” is one of those survivors and shares a heartfelt account with the group about the date he had with another man who is also grieving for those he lost in the snap.

Avengers: Endgame was indubitably a proper ending to the infinity saga and the phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in general. It earned $350 million in its opening weekend, the largest opening in box office history, after breaking the opening day record set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015. It also had the first $1 billion global opening ever, with $1.2 billion in total in just five days. breaking the highest opening weekend earnings of any film released internationally.

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