Yetunde Edunjobi Shares Postpartum Experience

Yetunde Edunjobi, wife of Nigerian comedian and gospel singer Emmanuel Edunjobi known by his stage name ‘Emma OhMaGod’ has shared her experience with getting back to shape after the birth of their daughter.

Yetunde shared pictures of herself on her Instagram page with the caption advising mothers to take care of themselves as babies would be alright.

The digital content creator wrote, “Having children is not the end of fun!

“It took me some time to get back to myself after I had my daughter. The mum guilt I felt every time I wasn’t with her was real!! But now 🥂 I intentionally enjoy non-mum time and I always feel better for it.

“Have fun mama the babies will be alright 😘”

Emma OMG and Yetunde got married in November 2016 and are blessed with a daughter Feranmi who was birthed after 11 hours of Labour.

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