Wole Soyinka Expresses Shocking Thoughts About Nigeria

Wole Soyinka, a Renowned Professor and Nobel Laureate Prize Winner, has said some really distasteful things about Nigeria.

From his observations over time, the Professor hinted that the country is gradually crumbling and has found itself in disorder, where it may never recover.

Soyinka made the revelation to journalists in Lagos State on Thursday during a media parlay while addressing the topic, “Covid, Technology and Citizens banishment.”

We Are in a Mess- Wole Soyinka Says

“We are in a mess. This country is in a mess. It is disintegrating before our very eyes. This government is floundering.” He said.

The political crisis ongoing in parts of Anambra triggered his reasons for making such comments about the country’s fate.

He added that if the killing in the region is not halted, it might just end up preventing the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the state from holding.

The highly respected government critic warned that if Nigerians continue to bank on the authorities for answers to all the available questions that the citizens will be lost in the process.

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