Why Sam is the new Captain America, not Bucky

Warning: Contains spoilers for Avengers: End game

At the end of Avengers: End game, we meet an aged captain who passes an almost new vibranium shield to “Falcon”. Although he has a history of several murderous rampages, we believe Bucky Barnes (Steve Roger’s best friend) is a more fitting character to take up the mantle as Captain America.

However, the movie directors beg to differ and have explained why they chose Sam Wilson as Captain America. Joe Russo said: “I don’t think that there were significant debates at all.

Bucky is portrayed in the films as very damaged and not necessarily the guy that you would want to trust with another weapon because he can always be corrupted. And Sam, if anyone matches Cap’s integrity over the course of the last few films, it’s Sam.

From the time that they met at the mall in D.C. through the end of this film, he just seemed like the logical choice in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We don’t have all of the contexts that the comics have, we can only bring completion to the stories that we’ve been telling and that seemed to make the most sense”.

Both Falcon and The Winter soldier (white wolf) haven’t shared much screen time. In fact, their only memorable scene was in “Civil war,” where they have a showdown against Spiderman at the airport. However, they all have individual upcoming TV shows where Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes) & Antoine Mackie (Falcon) all reprise their roles.

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