What Use is Another Multi-Million Naira Medical Centre in Abuja?

Another medical centre is set to stand in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, a project funded by the African Export-Import Bank, Afreximbank.

The project tagged African Medical Centre of Excellence, AMCE, was witnessed by President Muhammadu Buhari, who attended as the Special Guest of Honour.

However, while the idea of mounting another ground where people can seek treatment is ideal, the conflict of understanding here is that there are already numerous hospitals and other similar health facilities that lack the required number of medical professionals, equipment and medications.

Today, Afrimbank is partnering with the Federal Government of Nigeria, among other collaborators, to construct a 500-bed AMCE, one that would reportedly accommodate low-income earners as well as those in the middle and high-income brackets.

Medical Centre
Afrimbank MoU Signing

Afrimbank Medical Centre to Accommodate Other African Nations

It is also said that the centre would welcome patients from across neighbouring West African countries, with top medical consultations and services from Kings College Hospital, in London, as the Clinical Medical Partner.

The facility is expected to stand in 2024. The commissioning will happen in the first quarter of the same year. It will enhance service exports, provide healthcare to over 50,000 people annually, promote employment, create over 3,000 jobs during construction and operational phases, and conserve foreign exchange.

The truth about this project is like every other one embarked upon by the same or similar funders, whereby it always looks good on paper but absolutely the other way round when actualised in reality.

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