What makes Emir Sanusi different from us?

I still believe that Emir Sanusi is yet to come to terms with the fact that he is now a leader who should talk less and act more. Going about and lamenting will not change anything.

He talks about poverty, and it is serious. But I am yet to come across any empowerment programme initiated by Kano Emirate Council under him.

For example, I have not seen any skill acquisition centre belonging to Kano Emirate Council. How has he been able to influence collection and distribution of Zakkah, which the basic Islamic method of empowering the poor? He can set an example using his influence as the emir of the richest city in Northern Nigeria.

I have come across a school in Zaria specifically built for orphans. There is none in Kano as far as I know.

He talks about ignorance and expressed worry in his most recent outing in Minna that someone may come from somewhere and build a school for our almajirai and begin to convert them to another religion.

What practical steps is he as the emir of the most economically advantaged state in the North taking to prevent that? What of the greater supreme council of Islamic affairs of which he is one of the top leaders?

We have not seen anything on the ground. What we always hear is talking by him, by the Sultan and the rest of them. All of us have been talking. So what makes the emirs different from us?

I hope His royal highness is not merely interested in the applause he gets from gullible children who cannot distinguish between a leader and an ordinary analyst.

Yes, he has mobilized scholars to compile some suggestions on how to address many social problems bedeviling the Muslim North. But is that an end?

As the author, he is the best person to start implementing what he has in mind. However, his approach has set him against those who are supposed to give his idea the legal backing it requires. It has also limited his influence to few local governments.

Those who quickly rise to defend him whenever his approach is criticized are not helping the monarch. Let him also not be deceived by those who are advising him to go into partisan politics.

If he does, he may not succeed in winning any election. In case he wins, it would just be for some years after which he will come back and contest for Gidan dabo?

By Abdussamad Umar Jibia

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