Wear OS by Google Will Be Getting An Upgrade Soon

On May 1st, Google announced a new cool feature on their Wear OS device. The new feature will make the most used apps more easily reachable. With the new feature, which Google calls “tiles” features like your goals, calendar event, local weather, and heart rate are all lined up for quick swipes.

In the most recent version of Wear OS, tiles also existed in some form, but the only available tile was Google Fit, which opened with a single swipe. Now, you’ll be able to swipe further and bring up these new tiles, too.

Wear Os By Google Will Be Getting An Upgrade Soon 2

The new iteration of the device has a default order for the tiles, but you can customize them in any order you like. To do this, you just need to touch and hold a tile and then drag either to the left of right. Google promises to add more features in the nearest future.

Unfortunately, this is not yet available on the current Wear OS, not to worry though they will be available in a few months. Maybe not all of them will be available on all devices so if your watch doesn’t have a local weather app, then you won’t see that tile.

In conclusion, this is a reasonable update to Wear OS. More features will be added to the four new quadrants and swiping down, up, left and right makes for a sleek user interface. Swiping down brings up settings, swiping up brings up your notifications, swiping right brings up the Google Assistant and swiping left shows tiles.

Google fit is cool in Nigeria, because it works perfectly with android devices which are predominantly available in the Nigeria. Get yours when you can.

Wear OS by Google.

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