Waje Reveals Handling Internet Trolls

Nigerian Songstress and vocalist Aituaje Iruobe popularly known by her stage name Waje have revealed how she tends to handle internet trolls.

The 40-year-old songstress revealed this in a recent Instagram live session with her fans.

Waje said, “Maturity has come to play in that for me to understand that I don’t always have to dwell.”

Internet Trolls Only Seeks Attention – Waje

Waje further shared an experience with a Twitter troll who became a core fan.

“I had an experience on Twitter with a young man who insulted me and I responded and we went back and forth for a bit and we became friends, he is one of my followers and core fan, when he tweets at me I am excited.”

The single mother of one also added, “I realize that when people do that they do not mean to, people just look for ways to therapeutically release the stress that they have and social media has become that space for them. So I don’t dwell on it. I know it is my attention you are seeking and I either decide to give it to you.”

Waje is a major player in the music industry and has much music to her credit which includes ‘Coco Baby’, ‘Omniknowest’, ‘I wish’ and many more.

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