US Capitol Attack: Jacob Chansley Sentenced to 41 Months

Jacob Chansley has been sentenced to 41 months in prison for his role in the 2020 Capitol attack.

Chansley, also known as ‘QAnon Shaman‘, supports the QAnon group and one of former President Trump supporters who tried to stop Congress from approving January 6, 2020, presidential election.

He is one of the 30 rioters identified because of his bizarre appearance while wearing a horn over the head.

Chansley was also noted that he carried an American flag on a spear-like flagpole characterized as a weapon by the prosecutor.

Speaking to the FBI, Chansley said he came to the city at the request of President Trump, as “all patriots come to the city.”

On Wednesday, Chansley pleaded guilty, saying “I have no excuse” and was “wrong for entering the capitol”, adding that he wants to “evolve”.

Chansley was arrested a few days after the riot and has been in custody since then.

He likened himself to Indian leader ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ saying, “what if we all judge Gandhi based on that he beat his wife before his spiritual awakening?” he then said he is a good man who broke the law.

His sentence has been one of the longest so far through the trial, and he has been fined $2000 for damage done to the capitol building during the riot and served three years of supervised release at the end of his prison term.

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