For upcoming actors, the movie industry is a totally different ball game from the music industry. It’s not as easy as going to the studio, laying on a track and distributing as much as possible. For the upcoming actors and actresses, it takes determination, raw talent, a strong mind and ability to handle the amount of rejections you will get. Believe me, there will be numerous rejections before you can get casted in a role that is right for you.

Upcoming Actors Tip

Movies are becoming more advanced and bigger in Nigeria. Already, the big players like Genevieve has an affiliation with Netflix. Omotola has seen herself part of the Oscar committee. Nollywood is becoming a top dog in the film industry. While upcoming actors are going from audition to audition, it is also good for them to build their brand. Yes, individuals too also have a brand, an image that is geared towards public perception. Here are a few tips to help upcoming actors build their brand and luckily get the role they desire.


Acting is not about just looking good, going in front of a casting crew and then forgetting your lines or not be in sync with the character.

You need to pick up a script read thoroughly through it to know who your character is, the way they behave, the way they should walk, talk, eat, and drink water. While casting, talk to the writer about what they envision the character to be and focus your mind on that.

It takes a lot of hard work to put yourself in a totally different mind frame, a good actor should be able to do that. It’s not about standing in front of a mirror and delivering a line. Set up your camera, act a scene and watch your full body movements; how many lines you can memorize per scene and how your facial reaction depicts what you are supposed to do.

Actors Show Off Your Talent

It’s not a secret that social media has a way of taking people to greater heights. Justine Bieber got found on YouTube, and a thousand others are making money via their social media handle.

Our Nigerian Maraji is a very great example. So why not show off your acting skills. You don’t always have to post your latest picture on Instagram, use that medium to act a 1-minute scene.

Show the world how much of a great actor/actress you can be. Follow platforms that talk about acting tips, watch movies and reenact the roles, putting your own twist to it. A great way to make sure your passion is being shown off is to also make use of tags. Tag actresses, producers and directors, anyone that has a way to Nollywood. You may slowly gain followers but having a consistent presence in posting videos is a great way to market yourself.

Finally, and most importantly, many people will try to kill your vibe about acting. If you are passionate, committed and dedicated you should have no problem shoving of the haters. Best of luck finding the right role for you.

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