UNILAG Invites MC Oluomo to an Event

Having UNILAG and Mc Oluomo in a single sentence for me would mean that the stubborn heads in UNILAG have started causing chaos and he is there to settle the rift. However, the recent presence of the two in a single sentence has nothing to do with my above expectation.

On the contrary, the Management of the University of Lagos, Lagos State Nigeria have invited Mc Oluomo to an event organized by the National Association of Geography Students, UNILAG Chapter.

The question that comes to mind is, why will the school management call the Chieftain of the National Union of Road Transport Workers in Lagos, Musiliu Akinsanya, popularly known as Mc Oluomo, to come, interact and address the students of UNILAG but will not let Sowore do same.

Recall that Sowore Omoyele, former presidential candidate in 2019 General Elections, was formally invited by the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, UNILAG branch but was abruptly barred from attending. The school tagged it “regrettable correspondence”.

This incidence has generated a lot of negative reaction from Nigerians, especially on twitter.

Here are some of them exactly as seen:

“This country is mad. How can UNILAG allow MC Oluomo as a guest speaker on campus, but won’t allow Sowore to address students…it’s so sad (that) our society gives honor to whom it is not due…imagine a national thug to give a speech at UNILAG…the same school Sowore is not welcome…what picture is UNILAG painting?” the user wrote on Twitter.

To this controversy, one Olamilekan, in an attempt to clear the air said that Mc Oluomo was invited as a special guest, not as a guest speaker. However, this leaves us with the question, What is special about MC Oluomo apart from his loyalty to the ruling party in Lagos state?

One David Hundeyin wrote, “So MC Oluomo is a ‘special guest’ at a university event.

“As @EuginhoCortez likes to say, we will surely reap the outcomes we are currently sowing.

“What this clearly tells kids is that thuggery and anti-intellectualism are to be rewarded with high status in Nigeria. Well done.”

Judging from the widespread reaction of Nigerians, it is believed that giving credence to a personality such as Mc Oluomo is only a way of instituting gross misconduct across board. They claim he is not the best role model available at this time in Nigeria.

However, another group also thinks the reason behind his invite is as a result of his vast experience in transportation issues in Lagos state. More so, they also some people also think the invitation is connected to the fundraising capabilities of the Special guest.

Conclusively, it is great to note that Mc Oluomo has contributed and is still contributing to the transport system in the country especially in Lagos. This, as popularly believed, is a result of his vast experience in the transport industry. Experience is a gift, only a complete loss of memory can take away from a human being.

Contrary to celebrating his experience and contributions are not completely out of place. However, considering that the nation is sitting on a keg of gun powder, saddled with strains of hopelessness and unending problems, the individuals and organizations who have the capacity to influence actions and behaviors should maximize the opportunity to do it right.

This is not to say the inviting the special guest is wrong, however, from popular opinion, he is not the best influence to have around a university environment. Trailing also from the ban on Sowore from that particular school, are they indirectly telling us to subdue our quest for a better Nigeria and begin to play to the elite’s gallery?

These and more are questions that need to be answered as we wait for the official response from the school.

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