Undergraduate To Die By Hanging

An Undergraduate of the University of Abuja, Abiodun Allen, has been sentenced to death by hanging according to the Lagos State High Court.

Abiodun Allen, 33, killed Wale his brother over a property dispute. It was gathered that Abiodun killed Wale with a bottle. The incident occurred in their family house in the Oritse Street Local Council Development Area of Lagos State.

Wale who was a serving naval officer in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, had visited the family home. The aim was to settle a dispute over their late father’s property which was allegedly taken over by Abiodun.

It was learned that Abiodun, stabbed Wale several times in the neck and dragged his body to a bush and covered it with leaves.

During the trail, the prosecutor, O. R Ahmed-Muli, called upon four witnesses.

One of the witnesses, Mr. Sunday Abogunrin, the suspect’s landlord. He told the court that the convict was a very vexatious person, who often fought his siblings at every slight provocation.

He enumerated that he caught the convict dragging the deceased’s body in the bush after killing him. The landlord says “I have known the defendant since he was a child; I know his entire family.”

“On February, 20, 2013. Approximately 2 am, I heard dogs barking and people around were afraid to come out, based on fear of it being robbers. Later, I went to investigate the cause of the noise and I saw someone. The person was dragging something into a nearby bush. Initially, I wanted to raise the alarm, but instead, turned to my torch and the person ran towards the defendant’s house.”

“Immediately. I followed the person. It turned out to be the defendant. He was washing his hands which were covered in blood near a well. I quickly alerted the baale of the community and they ordered youths to apprehend him.

The suspect also broke his sister’s hand and smacked his elder brother’s head while trying to escape. He was later apprehended again.

The suspect confessed to the act and signed a confessional, which was it was also countersigned by ASP Uthman Lamidi.


Delivering the judgment on Monday, Justice Raliat Adebiyi held that the prosecution had proven a case of murder beyond a reasonable doubt. She consequently sentenced him to death.

She said, “The defendant is hereby found guilty and convicted f the murder of his brother, Allen Wale. You, Allen Abiodun, are hereby sentenced to death. May God, the giver of life have mercy upon you.”

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