Trendy Engagement Rings of 2019: Which one will you get?

The rainy season is fast approaching and the number of weddings happening around may actually start to dwindle across the country. This happens for an obvious reason though, which is that couples prefer not to deal with all the challenges that come with organizing an event under the rain. Nevertheless, this does not mean that wedding related events don’t happen during this time. In fact, most weddings are planned in Nigeria during the rainy season in preparation for the dry season.

Let’s step away from weddings for a bit and talk about what comes before – engagements. One of the most important things to get before any engagement is the ring. Because without a ring, how then can the question be popped? This year, some trends have already set in, and these are the ones that will define the top trends for the rest of the year. If you are lover of fashion who likes to keep an eye on what’s happening in the ring front, then this article will bring you up to speed with the hottest trends of this year. Here are some of the coolest rings out there now, whether you are trying to decide that perfect engagement ring or the one for your big day.

Solitaires Rule

First things first, solitaires hold the sway in 2019. This is the year of solitaires, and a casual glance through the engagement rings gallery will tell you that. So, if you saw solitaires taking a back seat in the past few years that has changed this year. Solitaires have floated up as a popular choice among people getting engaged and married this year. So, if you are planning to propose this year, save up for these solitaires come for a price.

Trendy Engagement Rings Of 2019: Which One Will You Get? 2

Skinny Bands

This year, skinny bands are in fashion. So, if you have always wanted to go all in on the diamond, here is your chance. Skimp on the metal as much as you like, and your ring will still look fancy. One of this year’s trends is thin bands. Bands between 1.5 and 1.7mm wide are trending now. This year, the bands are not supposed to overwhelm but keep a low profile letting the gems to shine. Even the bands with paved gems are purposely kept thin for minimal metal exposure.

Trendy Engagement Rings Of 2019: Which One Will You Get? 3


While solitaires are on the rise, halos are at their heels. One of the most prominent engagement rings trends of this year; halos are going to stay in fashion for a long time. They are coveted not just because of their overwhelming aesthetics, but also their practical design. With a halo around it, a diamond appears almost twice as big at half the price. The halo design also enhances the sparkle of the ring significantly.

Trendy Engagement Rings Of 2019: Which One Will You Get? 4

Romance of Vintage

This year, buyers are engaging more with vintage designs and patterns than geometric ones. So, it’s safe to say that the trends are diving the vintage. In 2019, designs from the romantic era of 1900 are more visible than others. Leaves, scrolls, and vines are mainstays in the designs of engagement rings this year.

Trendy Engagement Rings Of 2019: Which One Will You Get? 5

Pink Gold Back on Top

Yellow gold is on top this year, but rose gold is far behind. It is the second most popular choice of metal in engagement rings thus far. Rose gold rings are everywhere in the vintage-inspired section. The pink of rose gold famously elevates the antiquity of designs making them look like real imports from back in time. With vintage designs from the romantic era high in fashion this year, the rise of rose gold is only inevitable. So people looking for romantic designs and delicate patterns, you are in luck. You have chosen the right year to get engaged. The choices have never been more.

Trendy Engagement Rings Of 2019: Which One Will You Get? 6

 The Stunning Three-Stone Style

The three-stone engagement ring is a showstopper. Anybody who has cast even a fleeting glance at this style of rings would know that. This year, following the lead of Hollywood celebrities, buyers are leaning towards the iconic three-stone engagement rings. This style is taking the market by storm, and designers all over the world have pulled up their socks to deliver to that. Modern designs of three-stone rings are arriving in the stores every day.

Trendy Engagement Rings Of 2019: Which One Will You Get? 7

Weighty-Looking Diamond Cuts

Fancy cuts were already becoming big in engagement rings, even before this year. These cuts, being cheaper and fancier have caught the attention of buyers all over the world. This year too, they are garnering a lot of attention, but a few among them are gravitating the crowd more and most. Oval, Pear, and Cushion are the three cuts that are acing this year. Their carat advantage has given them an edge over all others in their league.

Trendy Engagement Rings Of 2019: Which One Will You Get? 8

Looking for a ring to get? Well, now you know what to look for.

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