Three Most Forgettable Movie Casting Choices

The success of a movie most times lies on the ability of characters to perfectly execute the roles. However, certain characters just fall flat due to poor scripting or the actors inability to connect with the character. Here are three of the most forgettable casting choices Hollywood has ever made.

Serinda Swan as Medusa

Three Most Forgettable Movie Casting Choices 1

Inhumans got axed in it’s first season. In fact, even before 5 episodes were aired. This was due to the massive backlash it got from fans. One of the major criticism was directed at the poor casting choice.  Serinda Swan performance as Medusa fell flat

Although Serinda Swan is without a doubt a talented actress she just didn’t seem right for the role as the Queen of the rotal blood. Part of the problem was her costuming. Critics pointed out that her wig is horrifying to look at. Even in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, though; Inhumans show runner Scott Buck emphasized that the show wasn’t planning on spending all that much money to bring the Inhumans’ powers to life. Even more worrying, Buck’s admitted that the Inhumans team has had trouble animating Medusa’s hair.

Kristen Stewart – Snow White and the Huntsman

Three Most Forgettable Movie Casting Choices 2

In 2012, Hollywood decided to hit us with yet another remake of snowhite, a story which we’re already all too familiar with. But wait there’s a twist, this time was live-action. The live action Snow White and the Huntsman boasted of hollywood big dogs; I mean huge dogs such as Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth. And then there was Kristen Stewart. 

Stewart, who has a reputation for having the acting range of a ‘Coconut’ plays the iconic Snow White with an awful performance. She doesn’t bring any depth to the character, her facial expressions are always so bland and for God’s sake can someone teach her how to close her mouth. “Lou Lumenick of the New York Post was ever so blunt in his review of the film asking, “This is Snow White?” and calling Stewart “nobody’s idea of ‘the fairest in the land”. “bruised-looking, disaffected and scowling are some other adjectives that were used in describing Kristen Stewart’s Snow white.

Halle Berry as Cat Woman

Three Most Forgettable Movie Casting Choices 3

This list wouldn’t be complete without what could be known as the worst casting choice in history: Halle Berry as Cat Woman. A performance which left a dent in her career and has echoed throughout her time in the film industry.  Unfortunately, Oscar Winner Halle Berry’s performance was about nothing like the previous cat woman (Michelle Pfeiffer)  from Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. As Berry’s version lacked the seductive nature of Pfeiffer’s, and instead was full of overacting and poorly choreographed action sequences.

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