Thomas Tuchel Speaks on Guardiola Mistakes

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has finally opened up on how he felt after seeing Pep Guardiola’s line-up in the Uefa Champions League final. The former Paris Saint-German manager admits he was ‘surprised’ by Pep Guardiola’s decision to leave Fernandinho from Manchester City’s starting line-up.

Thomas Tuchel Surprised with Guardiola’s Choice of Line-up

Since after the game, footballs, especially Manchester City fans, has been blasting Pep Guardiola for the error he made in his starting line-up. Manchester City’s star player and all-time highest goal scorer on the bench also dropped Gabriel Jesus and Ferran Torres, his point men.

Thomas Tuchel Speaks On Guardiola Mistakes

Thomas Tuchel admitted he was amazed to see the players the Spanish tactician dropped on the bench. Guardiola delivered a surprise before the game as he left out both Fernandinho and Rodri from his starting side and instead opted to play Ilkay Gundogan in a deeper role.

Thomas Tuchel said: “We were a bit surprised. I expected Fernandinho in the line-up to start.” “He chose a very offensive line-up, a very technical line-up. It was tough to steal the ball and recover the ball.” “Everything else we more or less expected.”

Tuchel also said: “We expected that they wanted us to pin on the side, very, very wide. So we needed to step out with Azpi and Toni constantly out of the back five to support our midfield. It was important to stay in a block in our front five to avoid diagonal switch of play, and this is what we tried to implement and follow.”

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