The UK based Nigerian Filmmaker Egor Efiok cries out

The UK based Nigerian filmmaker said she is about to lose her house and everything she has worked for since 1994. In addition, she revealed that she recently suffered a freak accident. The accident led to her breaking five of the fingers on her left hand. Human beings generally, often faced with one challenge or another they are facing. And not every one of them has the stamina to hold on for long. This especially is in-view when everything seems to be going awry.

They saying about life being the survival of the fittest is not far from the truth. Going by countless stories of people who have given in to depression.

However, Egor Efiok, the UK based filmmaker seems to be facing a rough patch in her life at the moment. The filmmaker recently took to social media via her Facebook page to reveal that she is so stressed and depressed.

She also added that she no longer cares about anything and whatever wants to happen should happen. Egor Efiok wrote: “I am so stressed and depressed. I am going to lose my house here. Everything I have worked hard for since 1994. I have an important meeting in Los Angeles on Monday and have no energy to travel. I had a freak accident yesterday because of the stress and broke my 5 left fingers. The pain is worse today and has spread to my shoulder. Anyway, I don’t care again. Whatever wants to happen should happen, I am tired.”

The Uk Based Nigerian Filmmaker Egor Efiok Cries Out 1

Finally, the comment “I am depressed and going to lose everything I worked for since 1994” is so disheartening. Moreover, ever since she made the post, a number of people took to the comment section. Hence, to encourage and advise her not to give up. So, feel free to be part of them and comment.

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