The one problem we choose to ignore about University Students.

The university is supposed to be a place that should equip you with all the reasoning capacity required to tackle a lot of problems for a considerable part of your life. However, the reverse is the case these days. And I have come to the conclusion that there are two problems here. The first entails a fault of the part of Nigerian students. Like magic, most students almost always have their memories wiped of everything they read almost as soon they walk out of the examination hall. There’s this phrase that eats my soul anytime I hear students utter it “I only read to pass”. How does one even read to pass? The goal isn’t just to pass your exams, but to acquire knowledge. Remember there is life after the university? How  do you survive in the real world?

Another part of the problem is the failing system,

A huge percentage of Nigerian students are given courses to study which they didn’t apply for. While most of the students do their best to accept their fate and move on, others struggle to make do with what they’ve been given. This usually ends up in a zilch. Another sizable amount of University graduates aren’t even given the chance to practice what they have studied due to the lack of jobs; therefore the knowledge ends up getting wasted. It is for this same reason, that many Nigerian students don’t give in their best to thinking about life after the university. Because of this, life, reality and expectations might end up putting them on a completely different path.

What can be done?

It is very disheartening to find a typical Nigerian graduate who cannot apply the expertise which his degree clearly states he possess in a simple everyday activity. I have an old friend who graduated as an engineer from the University in 2008 and fast forward 10 years later, he still has a hard time replacing a lamp holder.

Nigerian students always need to bear in mind that four-six years is an awful long time. It could be the period that shapes you into the person you become forever. You need to get the mentality of “just reading to pass exams” out of your system and embrace whatever it is you’re studying with open arms. Give it all your best because you never know where you may find yourself in the near future.

As a graduate of the Department of English and literally studies, there is no way you’ll tell your future employer you can’t compose a curriculum vitae. When asked why, what kind of response will you give? Will you say it is because you only “read to pass” while you were at the university and you can’t remember how it is done? It speaks really badly of you as a person and as a university graduate because your degree could as well just be a paper. On the contrary, it is a certification of your skill-set and being able to defend what you have on the paper matters a lot to people.

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