Samsung New Tablet, The S6, Is Here To Compete with the iPad Pro

Samsung just released its newest premium tablet called the S6. Keep in mind that the previous major release was the S4 so everyone is asking the obvious question: where is the S5? Well there is no S5 tablet, but there is a lower cost S5e tablet. Like all mobile makers, Samsung is no different when it comes to weird naming conventions. Who else is wondering what Apple will name its set of new iPhones? Or what LG will do when they get to LG G10?

Samsung New Tablet, The S6, Is Here To Compete With The Ipad Pro

The New Tab Looks Better and Works Better

Samsung New Tablet, The S6, Is Here To Compete With The Ipad Pro

The new tablet comes with extra curves and is extremely sleek. It also looks like a better competitor in the tablet market when compared to Apple’s iPad Pro or Microsoft’s Surface devices. In my opinion, nothing is more intriguing in a device than its processor because everything else relies on it to function properly. In this regard, Samsung made a good move by moving up to the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, which is a considerable improvement from the 835 processor that came with the S4 tablet. Even better when you consider the 670 processor that came with the S5e tablet.

This time around, Samsung is hoping its new tablet will be able to perform heavy duty tasks and satisfy all the digital cravings of creatives everywhere. Like the Surfaces and the iPad Pros, Samsung also hopes to blur the line between tablets and laptops as it promises to give its users a desktop experience “one shortcut away”. To top it off, the S6 comes with a 7040 mAh battery that can last for up to 15 hours after full-charge.

Good Price For Quality

For about 250,000 naira you can get the new Samsung tablet, and the cool thing is that it comes with the S Pen for that price. The S Pen attaches nicely and magnetically to the rear of the device so it even more difficult to mistakenly break, forget, or drop the pen. Just so you know, at its current price the S6 is already a couple thousands of naira cheaper than the entry iPad Pro device.

There is nothing too fancy about the S Pen though, it does all the normal stylus stuffs but Samsung has better plans for the Pen. Samsung wants you to be able to use the S Pen as a Bluetooth remote for taking pictures, slide through presentations and even control videos.

You Get Better Tablet Pictures Too

Samsung New Tablet, The S6, Is Here To Compete With The Ipad Pro

Talking about taking pictures, Samsung argues that people are beginning to take more photos with their tablets, so it’s time to improve its tablet cameras. The S6 comes with an improved camera – for the first time a Samsung tablet comes with dual camera with a wide angle lens. The wide angle lens offers a 123-degree angle — roughly the equivalent of what the human eye offers. As with other mobile devices from the company, AI is doing a lot of the heavy lifting to ensure you get better shots, offering scene optimization with the built-in Neural Processing Unit.

When compared to the iPad Pro, Samsung S6 takes an extra step to add an on-screen fingerprint reader which the iPad Pro or even the iPhone do not have. The fingerprint scanner uses the less advanced optical scanner because apparently Samsung was trying to save some space.

The S6 is actually slimmer and lighter than the S4 so maybe Samsung did save some space. However, it is still a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display with a 5.7-millimeter body.

DeX is Available for Multitasking in Desktop Style

Samsung is also promising its users a cooler desktop workflow with its new DeX shortcut. The DeX shortcut is now on the case’s keyboard and offers a nice desktop experience for users looking to multitask on the fly. It is just like what Apple is trying to do with its new iPadOS – on the S6 you can open multiple windows from the same app.

Pre-orders will start by August 23, starting at about 250,000 naira for the version with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. To get the version with 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage will cost an extra 30,000 naira, but it is still not up to the starting price of the iPad Pro, so if you ask me, I will say it is a pretty good deal.

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