STARZ to pull the curtain on Power after Season 6

Power: Crime Drama is finally coming to an end after a fun filled and action packed season 1-5 and an upcoming season 6 which would supposedly serve is the finale of the series.

The upcoming season 6 is set to premiere on Sunday 25th August 2019 and would contain a total of 15 episodes.

Talking about the future of the show, series co-creator Courtney Kemp revealed in statement the possibility of the show’s shared universe. Stating that the shows future spinoff(s) would be set in the same universe in which the current power characters (James, Tommy, Tasha et al.) currently live in.

Carmi Zlotnik, Starz president of programming also added that: “Season 6 brings us to the end of what we know is just the first chapter of the Power story. However, as one chapter comes to an end, another will begin. “Courtney Kemp and 50 Cent have created a world rich with complex and dynamic characters, and there are a number of stories we plan to tell as we continue to explore and expand the Power universe.”

Courtney Kemp added that future endeavors will “follow some of your beloved Power characters beyond the scope of the initial series… but we will play with your expectations of which characters, where and the master timeline of it all, creating a Power universe as unpredictable as the original.”

From all indications season 6 promises to be an explosive joyride filled with unpredictable plot points, easter eggs from the original show and possible cameos from dead characters depending on the timeline of the show.

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