Slight Relief as Abductors of Bethel Students Free 10

Abductors of students of the Bethel Baptists High School has again brought slight relief to some parents of the kidnapped students.

The kidnappers decided to release ten extra students in Kaduna State after expending over eighty days in captivity.

However, details of the conditions securing their release were not discussed or yet to be updated, as all concerns were focused on the wellbeing of the freed students.

On Sunday evening, the Kaduna State chapter chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Rev. Joseph Hayab, confirmed the development to journalists.

The state chapter chairman further confirmed that about eleven students are still under captivity in the bandits’ den and positively expressed that they will regain freedom.

About 11 Bethel Students Still in Captivity- CAN

According to the Kaduna State chapter, CAN, said ten more students of Baptist High School were released this afternoon, adding that about 11 are still with the bandits.

He said the entire community is thanking God and every person involved for their prayers and support, and they hope that the rest will be released very soon.

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