Skepta releases new album: Ignorance Is Bliss

Three years after his last album, Skepta tries to meet the high bar he set for himself. The Grime rapper has dropped off latest studio album Ignorance is Bliss.

Announced last month on Instagram, the album arrives with thermal vision cover art by Manu Pillai and includes the recent singles “Bullet from a Gun” and “Greaze Mode” featuring Nafe Smallz. Both tracks later received their own music videos.

On this new album, Skepta appears to have turned a new leaf. It seems like he has quite possibly invented a new sub-genre, which could be referred to as “grown grime.”

The first song, “Bullet From A Gun”, explores heartbreak and identity, collapsing time with lyrics that tell how “I saw my granddad’s name on the gravestone, the same as mine/ Already dead, nothing to fear, I been here from time.” He became a father last year and he concludes that “there’s no better feeling than going home and seeing my little girl in the cot”.

Nigerian superstar and regular collaborator Wizkid is featured on one of the album’s few upbeat moments, “Glow in the Dark”.

Skepta is entering a new phase in his life and he’s more than ready to step into bigger shoes.

Ignorance is Bliss can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.

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