Singer, Samklef Admit – “I was Blind and Ignorant”

Samklef has taken to his Social media page to reconcile with Daddy Freeze, a broadcaster and radio talk show host, three years after they dragged and blocked each other on social media.

In 2018, they kept going back and forth, dragging each other over their different beliefs.

Recall that Daddy Freeze criticized a report about the healing of a mentally challenged man at an RCCG church and the singer slammed him for that, which resulted in the fight between them.

Samklef said his criticism of the church was getting boring, and Daddy Freeze replied by saying the singer career is dead. However, Samklef didn’t let this slide and went on to calling Freeze a “fake ass oyinbo” and Freeze’s followers “mumu Satan followers”.

After the back and forth name calling, the singer blocked Freeze on Instagram and even went ahead to do a beef song for him.

Well, Samklef has reached out to Daddy Freeze via his Instagram page, pointing out that most religious leaders are “419”, and Freeze is the John the Baptist of this generation.

Singer, Samklef Admit - &Quot;I Was Blind And Ignorant&Quot; 1

Freeze acknowledged his acceptance and admitted he should have been patient with the singer at the time.

Singer, Samklef Admit - &Quot;I Was Blind And Ignorant&Quot; 2

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