Shocking Detailed Revelation Of Busola Dakolo

Busola Dakolo, the wife of Timi Dakolo, made a brave & painful revelation about getting raped at a young age.

Speaking with Chude Jideonwo, Mrs. Dakolo bravely made the first time public revelation.

Mrs. Dakolo bravely started with her childhood. Talking about how she schooled in Ibadan during her primary level. Following that she went on to live with her family in Suleja for her secondary. On a particular holiday, her sisters coaxed her to follow them to a certain type of religious gathering.

They told her it was more like a club, not a church. It was a gathering where young people, dance and praise God. The services took place on Saturdays.

Upon going there, she didn’t like the crowd, she was the youngest and vehemently wanted to leave. After the service, where Pastor Biodun Fatoibo, the senior pastor of COZA (Previously known as Divine Delight Club). He spoke to her about how he admired her bold spirit.

Pastor Biodun, encouraged her to sing or do something at the next meeting. He told her he would help with rehearsals. She still had a skeptical mind about the church and in her mind never wanted to go back.

Later during the week, she went on to his house, where he lived with his father. Her sister took her there. She met him sitting by the piano in the sitting room. In the next meeting (club) she sang the rehearsed song and a man, who was previously into a cult gave his life to Christ.
Pastor Biodun, advised her to keep on reading about Christ, gave her books. Upon her return to school, she told her friends about the club.

After secondary school, she returned to Ibadan, where she kept on contemplating about going back to the club or stick to her former way of life.

She told her sisters about her feelings and they convinced her to join as it was already a church at this point called (Commonwealth of Zion Assembly). Mrs. Dakolo joined the church and was part of the choir.

As a young girl, she simply wanted to serve God. Mrs. Dakolo was a dedicated member, although, she never had friends at the church. Mainly because of her background. The Pastor often came up with her to try to get her out of her shell.

Her family was very strong and dedicated members of the church, they would take people to church. Coming from a polygamous family, her family was struggling financially and emotionally. Pastor Biodun frequently visited the family home, to see advise her and speak to the family.

On a certain day, the pastor visited the family home and wanted her to accompany him to buy things at the market. Pastor Biodun wanted to be a spiritual father to her. Convinced her that he wanted to be a father figure and with her being having issues with her father, who was constantly absent, she let her guard down and allowed him to be a father figure to her.

During their trip, he talked to her, convince her to be more open, asking her about her relationship status. She told him she didn’t have a boyfriend and was a virgin.

Pastor Biodun, advised her like a good man would sying she should keep her herself till marriage and really convinced her that he was concerned about her.

A particular day, which was a Monday based on her recount. She was alone with one of her elder sisters, who was still asleep after a long night. She lived in a duplex. At 6 am she woke up to answer the door, which was strange that someone would visit at such an early hour.
The visitor was Pastor Biodun, he pushed the door open and forced her on the chair in the living room. He removed the belt and said;

“Keep quiet and do what I want you to do”

He removed her panties and covered her mouth. She didn’t struggle out of shock. She simply cried while the ordeal took place, as blood dropped on the floor.
When he had orgasmed, he left her on the floor and came back with a drink forcefully poured it down her throat.

He then said;

“You should be happy I was the one that did this to you.”

Meaning, she should be happy, he had taken her virginity. Mrs. Dakolo with tears in her eyes bravely recounted the series of events. Her voice shaking at this point, she was overwhelmed.

Young Busola was so confused and was scared, instead of telling her sister, cleaned up the blood-stained floors and her panties. She ran into her mom’s room and laid in the bed.

Chude Jideonwo, asked “why?”

She responded; “I just felt… there was this scripture I had in my head, ‘Marriage honorable bed devoured’ and watching my mom and dad and how they were, I didn’t ever want to lose my virginity before marriage. And that was one of the things I felt according to my faith then, that if I’m able to keep my virginity, I’m going to have a fantastic marriage that was my revelation than and it just felt like I lost everything I had hoped for, it was all gone, my dignity, I felt it was all gone. My sisters would call me aside, cause they knew I was a virgin, and they would tell me to keep myself and say we believe in you… it was more like I was the flower of the family… that precious and just I just felt like my glory was gone.”

Mrs. Dakolo still with tears in her eyes, she explained that thinks he knew how the family functions. Who was around and who would be where at what time.

She had to say and talk about this because she had begun hearing different narratives from social media. However, she’s using this as a way to help others because

“The pain is not something you can define.”

When talking about the rumors she alleges. If she hasn’t talked about this in public where are the rumors coming from? She explains that her husband of 6 years, has been putting up posts mentioning when he [Pastor Biodun] has been doing from, Ibadan, Ilorin, Dubai, Lagos…”You keep hearing things, this person this… you keep hearing him doing that to women and teenagers.”

Mrs. Dakolo finally wanted to come up and speak up about the incident because there were so many stories being told and her husband’s social media outburst made her want to speak up and heal.

She wanted to let women and teenagers know they are not alone.

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