Senator Elisha Abbo in a verbal dispute with Senators over the incident at the Sex Toy Shop.

Senator Elisha Ishaku Abbo and members of Senate committee, set up to investigate the incident that happened in the Sex Toy Shop, went through a heated argument. At the panel hearing, Senator Oluremi Tinubu who’s a member of the panel argued with Senator Abbo over his probe by the committee. Senator Abbo in his words said, “I only came here out of the respect I have for you (Senators), and cannot say anything regarding the issue at stake in front of these cameras around since the matter is in court”.

However, Senator Oluremi Tinubu felt that the Senator was undermining the committee and she informed him that the panel has been constituted by the Senate and has the power to suspend him. This statement triggered senator Abbo and he raised concern over the threat to suspend him and vowed to resist any attempt of such. In his words “With due respect, you are a senator like me and you can’t threaten me with suspension.”  

However, since the matter is in court, let just hope that justice prevails.

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