Samson Siasia Ready to Battle FIFA in Court

Former Super Eagles player and head coach Samson Siasia recently filed a lawsuit in New York Federal court against the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) after being convicted of bribery.

Samson Siasia Takes FIFA to Court

Nigerian insisted that FIFA was unfair to him and they had robbed him of his constitutional rights after he was convicted of bribery. The 53-year-old claimed only the US Government could charge him. Samson Siasia was initially sanctioned in 2019 by FIFA for agreeing to “receive bribes in relation to the manipulation of matches.

Samson Siasia Ready To Battle Fifa In Court 1

But after he appealed against the life ban, it was reduced to five years by the Court of Arbitration for Sports.
However, he wants his conviction overturned, the $50,000 fine he paid returned, his five-year coaching ban reversed, and damages awarded for the alleged civil rights violations, according to the Atlanta resident’s court papers.

According to his suit, it said: “In convicting Siasia of bribery, FIFA relied on Swiss bribery law. If any crime was committed, only the FBI or Georgia State Police could investigate and bring charges of commercial bribery.” It also said: “Georgia does not criminalize commercial bribery.”

Samson Siasia said FIFA violated his rights to due process under the Fifth and 14th Amendments when it convicted him for his minor role in a wide-ranging conspiracy to fix hundreds of matches by paying off corrupt players and officials.

His suit also stated that FIFA’s imposing the fine and revoking his license constituted “cruel and unusual punishment” barred by the Eighth Amendment.

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