Russian Plane Makes Emergency Landing. 41 Dead.

41 people have been reported dead, including 2 children in a massive blaze on a Russian passenger plane, Aeroflot’s Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft.

A dramatic footage obtained from CNN; shows as the plane glides down the runway ablaze. A passenger who took video from the inside of the plane, reveals the fear and terror the passengers felt while the plane made its emergency decent.

Russian authorities have launched a full criminal investigation into fire. After the plane made its final landing- on its second attempt- passengers are seen leaping on to the inflatable slide and head for safety.

There were reportedly, 78 people on board, including five flight crew members. 37 survived the ordeal; with 11 injured, however, 41 passed away in the incident including 2 children.

Eye Witness Account

Eye witness, Alyona Osokina, who was inside the terminal at the time of the horrific ordeal. Narrated the incident to reporters.

“The blaze was devouring the plane. This horror and tragedy happened before our eyes.”

She added “Those who managed to flee the blaze walked calmly towards the airport. I think they were still in deep shock.”

The jet carrying the 73 passengers and 5 crew members had just taken off from Sheremetyevo as the crew sent off a distress signal.

Official say, as several ambulances and fire fighters were dispatched on scene but were unable to put out the blaze immediately.

The airport was shut down briefly following the blaze, forcing the all inbound plane to be on hold.

Insurance companies are to reimburse the victims and the relatives of the dead passengers with $31,000.

A bigger disaster could have occurred, aviation experts tell newsmen, as the fuel tanks had been full.

Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has offered his condolences to the victims of the loved ones. He also added that the investigation “should be as thorough as possible.”

The region Mumansk will go on a three day mourning beginning this Monday. The region is where Russian authorities believe to be where majority of the passengers are from.

A Catastrophe To The Aviation Industry

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 is the first civilian aircraft developed in the post-Soviet era. It was one of the country’s national treasure. Often seen as Putin’s pet projects, during its launch in 2011.

However, reports of numerous technical issues over the years, have left the plane officials unable to pitch it to foreign carriers.

After this tragedy, some suggest that Russia may be better off abandoning the Superjet altogether.

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