Rudeboy Makes New Revelation About P-Square Breakup

Paul Okoye, the popular Nigerian singer who is also known as Rudeboy, has made some revelations about P-Square.

The singer and his twin brother, Peter, popularly known as Mr P, were unarguably one of the most popular twins in Africa when they both belonged to the music group known as P-Square.

However, since the group broke up some years ago, fans and followers have been curious to know what led to their separation while others plead for them to get back.

Rudeboy in a recent interview as however opened a lid on the issue. He emphatically stated that the issues that led to the split of the group had been around for a long time.

The ‘woman’ crooner stated that he stated his career as as solo artist while his brother, Mr P, was a dancer.

According to him, the group was brought together by their brother Jude Okoye who directed their videos while he sings and Peter Okoye takes care of the dancing/choreography aspect.


He then made the revelation about their breakup as he said, “ However, it got to a point when one person started making demands and called for the sack of some members of the team.

“Because we wanted peace to reign, we would let the affected employees go. That went on for some time but it got to a time that things could no longer continue that way, he added.

Rudeboy also revealed that the group was supposed to de disbanded when he solely recorded the 2007 album ‘Game Over‘ but had to change plans to stay a bit.

Paul Okoye ruled out possible collaboration with his brother, as he questioned if his brother (Mr P) wants them together again.

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